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smilestore: innovative and stylish products that makes your smile even more beautiful

Nice and well treated teeth have the greatest feel-good factor and are your best card – this is our belief. And dental care, it must be like something special, so we are always on the lookout for exceptional products around the globe. For more than seven years Kay link and his team already are looking for exceptional products, far from the mainstream. Our goal is to bring the fun back to your dental care.

Design meets science: with this claim for products with an unusual design combined with state-of-the-art technology in our store.

In the smilestore we provide an exclusive selection of national and international products relating to dental, mouth and face care. Not only the exclusivity is the focus: all dental care and facial skin care products are highly effective, include natural and effective ingredients and meet the highest quality standards.


Enjoy these highlights from our exclusive product range:

more than just a toothpaste

Our range of effective and unusual toothpastes can be seen and offers the appropriate product range for your dental care for every need. This unusual ingredients such as Juniper or chili not only provide a special taste - the effectiveness of these natural products such as antibacterial protection, belongs to secular knowledge, experienced a Renaissance in our products. Our dental care combines natural, taste and maximum efficiency, based on latest scientific findings and technologies.

Who wants to whiten his teeth, for example, has toothpaste and whitening toothpaste, providing gentle white teeth a wide range of whitening. Increasingly popular, the repair is toothpaste re-mineralises the tooth enamel and reducing a sensibilities. Who places much emphasis on the ingredients of toothpaste, which can access to the fluoride-free toothpaste. Also at exposed tooth necks the toothpaste against sensibilities maintains the teeth gently and effectively.

dental and oral care specials

Early exercises: for kids teeth also, we offer a product range with gentle dental care without fluoride. Natural active ingredients such as licorice have a caries effect, which prevents the formation of bacterial plaque. Our oral care foam in different flavors is for those in a hurry, which quickly and easily to clean their teeth. The unique oral care foam ensures fresh breath and inhibits the formation of bacteria.

If you suffer from bad breath, ulcers, canker sores, or periodontal disease, we have a special product for you: the NBF gingival gel contains a unique combination of active ingredients, which effectively combats many diseases of the mouth. Natural ingredients are also Trump: the NBF gingival gel combines naturally occurring active ingredients, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as propolis with the forward-looking nanotechnology. NBF gingival gel is the first drug of choice for those who need quick remedies for bad breath or painful gum disease.

design meets science - ultrasonic toothbrush, electric toothbrushes and Manual toothbrushes

For effective dental care the right toothbrush is an absolute must. With the ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8, we have a real premium product in fancy design in our range. The ultrasonic toothbrush cleans down to the pores in your teeth - it removes plaque highly effective so that bacteria have no chance. The ultrasonic toothbrush is particularly suitable for dental problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis, implant and brackes, veneers etc.

Also the electric toothbrush in our product range combines the best design and technology: the Megasmile Sonic black Whitening, an electric toothbrush with Sonic technology, looks not only like designer-hand made - she penetrate with sound pressure waves even in narrow interdental spaces and brightens the teeth with active carbon bristles.

Who are manually the teeth clean, must also here not on his claims on a brightening effect on dental care without: the optical bleach is here not in the toothpaste, but in the bristles. Our shapely black Whitening Toothbrush Mega Smile Whitening Black Ö36 brushes discolorations away and brightens the teeth with activated carbon. Regular brushing with whitening teeth toothbrush shine through the soft coal back into their natural white without damaging the enamel.

Our shapely black Whitening Toothbrush Mega Smile Whitening Black Ö36 brushes discolorations away and brightens the teeth with activated carbon. Regular brushing with whitening teeth toothbrush shine through the soft coal back into their natural white without damaging the enamel.

To use gold and silver as antibacterial protection with a toothbrush, has amazed us. We were convinced of the scientific evidence that the bristles of the NANO B Clean with gold and silver dust the teeth perfect and hard to reach places in the mouth reach: Gentle anti-antibacterial protection by natural gold and silver with our NANO B toothbrush.

Wrinkles Goodbye: Teoxane Facial Care works!

The Facial Care of Teoxane for wrinkle reduction is on everyone's lips: Hardly a report by independent users who does not praise the effective anti-aging effect of the extraordinary Facial Care of Teoxane in the sky. We are one of the chosen dealers who were allowed to take this high-quality product range in their range. The high-profile anti-aging mixture with encapsulated products such as hyaluronic acid in Teoxane Teoxane hyaluronic cream and Teosyal Advanced Filler penetrate deep into the skin and plump up the skin from the inside. Other highly effective and antioxidant agents such as vitamin C enhance the effect of faltenauffüllende Teoxane facial care.