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FrezyDerm oral care

Complete toothcare for a healthy mout and teeth

The brand FrezyDerm from Greece offers you an oral care line that adresses each and every oral problem you might have. If it is cariesprotection, gentle whitening, relief from sensitivities or gingivitis at FrezyDerm you find your perfect toothpaste, mouthwash or topic gel to restore and maintain a healthy smile.

The line was developed to fulfill the needs of a daily comprehensive oral care and to adress specific problems you might have with your teeth or gums. In the form of toothpaste, mouthash or topic gel FrezyDerm products work against sensitive teeth, protect from gingivitis or perodontitis, offer comprehensive care if you are pregnant, sufer from diabetes or use homeopathic compounds.

Every FrezyDerm product contains an enriched composition of ingredients which enable a complete oral care as well as removing microbial plaque restoring and retaining the oral ecosystem (microflora) and controlling oral cavity inflammations.

FrezyDerm uses fluoride for caries protection or hydroxyapatite if you are a homeopathy patient or don´t want to use fluoride. All products complement the therapeutic treatments prescribed by the dentist, thus reinforcing and accelerating their effects for a healthier smile.

FrezyDerm products contain no parabens or SLS.