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Mille Ulivi - Thousands of Olive trees

Developed from italian biologists and cosmetologist Mille Ulivi stands for beauty, quality, origin and charisma "Made in Italy". The natural and innovative formulas reverse the ageing process of the skin through the antioxidant effect of organic extra virgin olive oil and through the regenerative power of organic Gardenia stem cells. Mille Ulivi is the first certified organic cosmetic company to include certified organic vegetable stem cells in the entire range.

Vegetable stem cells

Vegetable stem cells are the "heart" of living plants. They are extracted from plant roots through most advanced biotechnology. Stem cells are unspecialized cells without any well-defined function. Therefore they are able to develop into each form of body tissue. The cells in our body slow down their regenerating and repairing functions over the years. Vegetable stem cells activate the cell division and the growth of new cells and stimulate the production of substances that are essential for structure of the skin. These properties make stem cells extremely effective in all cosmetic applications and Anti-Aging products. The Gardenia stem cells that you find in Mille Ulivi products were discovered through recent plant biotechnology in Sitzerland. They verifiably increase in a high effective way the synthesis of new collagen and reduce the slimming of the structure of the skin.

Organic Ingredients

Mille Ulivi products do not contain any petroleum derivatives, silicones, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or animal byproducts. Mille Ulivi skin care has been formulated and produced under the strict monitoring and continuous supervision of Ecocert, the only global organic certification organization well recognized across Europe, America and Asia for over 20 years of verifying, approving and guaranteeing the quality of the best organic and natural cosmetics.

Premium, bio-degradable packaging

The bottles are encased from exclusive dispensers made of olive wood. Each dispenser is unique, individually handmade from italian craftsmen. Each dispenser tells the story of a centennial span of life of an olive tree through the individual wood grain.