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WOOM Toothpaste - stylish premium oral care

The WOOM toothpaste line combines premium product design with an exclusive formula of carefully selected ingredients. WOOM was designed to change people´s attitude towards their daily oral hygiene. The exklusive products improve the aesthetic of your smile and enhance your bathroom´s collection of products due to their elegant appearance.

WOOM Toothpaste - Premium oral care that works

WOOM offers you Premium toothpastes which fulfill all needs of your oral care:

  • effective whitening and remineralisation of the enamel
  • effective protection against caries
  • comprehensive care for teeth and gums.

All WOOM products provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness beyond compare and offer an effective and gentle care for teeth and gums.

WOOM Toothpaste - You have the choice

Find your favourite WOOM toothpaste. Each WOOM toothpaste completely protects your teeth and gums and offers an additional benefit. WOOM CARBON+ contains the natural adsorbent charcoal for gentle teeth whitening. WOOM WHITE+ polishes the enamel with premium silica. WOOM TOTAL+ reduces sensitivities by using hydroxyapatite, which is able to fill small fosses and fissures on the surface of the enamel. If you prefer a vegan toothpaste, we present you WOOM NATURAL+ which also contains of 98% natural ingredients.

WOOM toothpaste is exclusively available at smilestore