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Dentinox®-Gel N for teething children

Gel to relief from discomforts during teething


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Dentinox®-Gel N for teething children

Baby teeth are already prepared in the womb. Once the baby is born there are already 20 tooth crowns waiting to break through. Approximately in the midst of the first year of age the first tooth tips thrust through in the lower jaw.

Teething can cause different discomforts. A lot of babies eat and sleep not well and are testy. They drool more because there is more salivation when a new tooth is on its way. Often times the gums are reddened and the children are in pain. Dentinox®-Gel N eases the pain having a antiphlogistic and wound healing impact.

The Gel contains an anti-inflammatory camomile tincture as well as painkilling agents in a dose that is appropriate for children and that operate local. Dentinox®-Gel N sticks very well and operates exactly where the tooth breaks through and causes the problems.

  • analgesic & anti-inflammatory
  • facilitates wound-healing
  • sugar-free
  • contains the cariostatic sugar substitute xylit
  • vegan
  • no colourant or preservatives
IngredientsKamillenblüten-Tinktur, Lidocain hydrochlorid-1-Wasser, Lidocain, Laureth
shipping time1-3 Tage
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