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GC Tooth Mousse Vanilla

Sugar-free cream for strengthening the enamel and for remineralisation of sensitive teeth.

Flavor: Vanilla


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GC Tooth Mousse Vanilla

The GC Tooth Mousse® contains the agent Recaldent™ CPP-ACP, which is gained from the milk protein Casein. Casein provides the enamel with calcium phosphate which hardens it from the inside and makes it more resistant against acids. The minerals are able to lay into the enamel again, comparable to fluid enamel. The teeth feel considerably smoother.

The contained CPP/ACP-active agent complex also sticks to plaque and soft tissue. therefore it additionally protects against caries. Exposed cervical areas are also protected very well and react distinctly insensitive after the use.

GC Tooth Mousse® is also recommmended after a teeth bleaching or parodontal treatment for restoring the balance. It also supports a correct oral hygiene if you suffer from xerostomia.

Apply the paste after tooth brushing with your finger or toothbrush. After an exposure time of 3 to 5 minutes please spread the product again with your tongue. Spit out afterwards and don´t rinse out the mouth. For best results don´t eat or drink 30 minutes after use.

Since Recaldent™ CPP-ACP is gained from milk protein it shouldn´t be used with a milk protein allergy and/or hydroxybenzoate-allergy.

  • strengthens the enamel
  • protection against caries
  • Recovers the mineral balance int he mouth
  • fluoride-free
  • nice flavor
  • Content: 40g
Ingredients Pure water, Glycerol, CPP-ACP, D-sorbitol, CMC-Na, Propylene glycol, Silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide, Xylitol, Phosphoric acid, Flavoring, Zinc oxide, Sodium saccarin, Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Magnesium oxide, Guar gum, Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate
PZN 09517555
Weight 0.1000
shipping time 1-3 Tage
Brands GC
Icons characteristics Repair, Fluoridfrei
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