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NANO B Green/ Gold antibacterial toothbrush

Design toothbrush with antibacterial properties due to pure Gold


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NANO B Gree/ Gold antibacterial toothbrush

Nano B bristles are coated with charcoal and pure Gold to keep your toothbrush and your teeth clean. The antibacterial properties of Gold work against 650 different kinds of bacteria and viruses. Thus you can be sure that you brush with a clean toothbrush every day. Bamboo charcoal particles, known for their natural whitening and toxin absorbing qualities help your teeth to stay clean and white.

The unique bristle structure combines brushing and flossing in one, removing plaque effectively even between your teeth and under the gum line. 800 long, ultra-thin bristles imitate flossing action to clean plaque in hard-to-reach places, while 800 short bristles take care of the big surfaces of your teeth.

NANO B - the perfect combination of science and design:

  • enjoy a clean toothbrush every day
  • small and nimble brush head to reach and clean your back teeth as well.
  • double bristle structure
  • rounded bristles to protect your enamel and gums
Ingredients No
Weight 0.2000
shipping time 1-3 Tage
Brands Nano-B
ION- Sei Farbe N/A
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