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SmilePen Professional Whitening Accelerator

LED lamp for intensifying Teeth Whitening. USB & Smartphone port.

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€63.90 / 1 PCS

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SKU: SP-108

SmilePen Professional Whitening Accelerator for intense Teeth Whitening

SmilePen Professional Whitening Accelerator intensifies the results of the SmilePen Teeth Whitening System. In whitens your teeth in combination with SmilePen Professional Set up to 14 shades. The cold light WaveLight System makes this possible with 32 lights which make the Whitening Accelerator the most powerful system of this kind on the market.

This principle of action is calles Closed Whitening Concept. The oxygen which develops during the procedure can get deeper into the teeth when you activate it with the cold light. This way the teeth whitening will be intensified.

The Accelerator has three USB ports and is also compatible with your smartphone.

  • unique Closed Whitening System
  • up to 14 shades whiter teeth
  • cold light for maximum Whitening results
  • compatible with your smartphone
  • Premium Teet Whitening at home
shipping time1-3 Tage
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