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INEY DREAM whitening repair toothpaste 75ml

INEY DREAM toothpaste re-whitens and repairs your teeth.

Taste: Rosemary, Oregano, Anise, Lime


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€18.60 / 100 ml

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INEY DREAM whitening repair toothpaste 75ml

Revitalizing aroma of rosemary, oregano, anise, lime and icemint.

Nanohydoxyapatit (nHAP) regenerates effectively at a dose of 3% of the tooth enamel, makes it smoother and more resistant to acids, reduces the sensitivity of the teeth. Aminfluoride Olaflur with xylitol and sodium monofluorophosphate ensures effective protection against caries. Polydon, a high-molecular bleaching substance, dissolves and effectively removes tobacco, tea and coffee pad. A complex of 8 deep-sea algae and plants PHYTAMI is an unparalleled source of microelements, vitamins and amino acids, provides for healthy gums and stimulates the microcirculation of blood. Powder of Japanese pearl (Pearl Powder) as a natural source of calcium ions and amino acid helps to strengthen the enamel. Zinc gluconate has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, preventing the formation of dental plaque and are continuing breath freshness.

"Changeable is the nature of water,
here she is a strong block of ice
as a tender tale of rime,
so are our dreams." 

  • whitens your teeth safely
  • restores the enamel
  • gives a fresh breath
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